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Lesotho Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Lesotho

There are many handicraft shops and centres selling items including Lesotho's famous conical hats; grass-woven articles (mats, brooms and baskets); pottery; wool and mohair rugs; tapestries and other textiles; rock painting reproductions; traditional seed, clay bead and porcupine quill jewellery; silver and gold items; copper work (particularly chess sets of African design) and ebony items.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1100, Sat 0800-1200, Sun 0800-1300 (some shops in Maseru only).

Nightlife in Lesotho

Some hotels and restaurants have live entertainment. There are also several cinemas in Maseru and there are casinos at the two major international hotels, the Lesotho Sun and the Maseru Sun.

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