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Liberia Food and Drink

Liberian food ranges from fiery stews to honey covered peanut cookies. Meals are usually served with a mountain of rice topped with a spicy sauce made from red palm oil, leaves, meat and fish. A dozen different types of breads are also made while bushmeat is prized, even if the meat in question is illegal.


• Torborgee (a spicy stew made from the Torborgee bean, palm oil and meat or fish)
• Beef and cassava leaf soup
• Goat meat soup
• Kanyah (ground peanuts mixed with toasted rice flour and sugar)
• Liberian rice bread
• Monrovian coconut pie (coconut and egg pie in a pastry case)
• Palm butter soup (crab claws, chicken and prawns cooked with palm butter and chilli)

Things to know

A host is responsible for guests at their party and must provide all drinks, food and entertainment, even when the party is based in a bar. When a guest, be aware that the host feels in charge and be sure to inform them when leaving.


10% at hotels, restaurants and bars is expected.

Drinking age

Drinking age is 18, but most Liberia's start working hard well before that age and most rules are interpreted to reflect their status as breadwinners.

Regional drinks

Ginger and pineapple juice
Club (local lager)
Lemongrass tea
Palm wine (a strong sugar cane juice can be taken neat or mixed with ginger beer)

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