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Liberia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Liberia

Shopping for souvenirs is best done in the shops and markets of Monrovia. Mango Rags, Camp Johnson Road, sells find local clothing and fabrics, while Waterside Market, Water Street has everything from local food and jewellery to vibrant fabrics and wooden carvings.

Those with a few weeks to prepare can take advantage of numerous skilled tailors and leather workers who can create inexpensive, clothes, personalised wallets, sandals and bags that are made to measure.

Shopping Note

Bargaining is a fact of every transaction in Liberia, and Monrovia is legendary for its expensive day-to-day costs. Express shock at every figure and fight hard, but remember costs are high for locals too. Costs can be cut by buying, eating and travelling in the most popular local ways.

Shopping hours

Typically, Mon-Sat 0800-1900. On Sundays most shops and markets are closed.

Nightlife in Liberia

A sunset beer is a daily event in Monrovia with the beach bars along Newton Street in Mamba full most evenings. Tides Bar, Mamba Point (+231 7700 05003) and Lila Brown, Mamba Point (+231 8867 77007) are two of the more popular Mamba hangouts, and offers great views from their terraces. Meanwhile, over in Sajj, most people leave the beach and head to haunts such as Fuzion d'Afrique, 14th Street and Tubman Boulevard (+231 8869 69969).

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