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Libya is one of the strictest countries in the Arab world, with a total ban on alcohol and drugs, neither of which are publicly available or can be brought into the country. The hotels have bars where locals, mostly men or just-married couples, come and sip an alcohol-free fruit juice cocktail.

A few cafes in downtown Tripoli serve mint tea, juices and waterpipes, known locally as sheesha or narghilah, until later in the evening. The most popular are by the Ottoman clock tower inside the gate of the medina, the cafe in the park on Green Square and the beautiful Café Salim, Midan al-Gaza'ir in the Italian arcade opposite the former cathedral. Locals tend to go for an evening stroll on the promenade on the seafront and Green Square, or have a picnic in the little park.

Cultural performances are rare in Tripoli, and often not advertised.

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al-Kashef Theatre

Occasionally there are theatre performances at the al-Kashef Theatre but they are rarely advertised and in Arabic only.

Sharia Omar al-Muktar

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Featured Hotels


Corinthia Hotel Tripoli

By far the best hotel in town, the luxurious Corinthia Hotel Tripoli is perfectly located near the medina, the business district, and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The elegant and comfortable rooms are in two modern towers, and offer all five-star amenities.

Funduq al-Kebir

Centrally located and government-owned hotel within walking distance of Tripoli's monuments and with sweeping views over the harbour. The rooms are spacious and comfortable although the decor has seen better days. Bathrooms are clean and have hot water.

Funduq al-Mehari

A favourite of government officials, this is the government's most prestigious hotel. The spacious and comfortable rooms come with satellite TV and air conditioning, but service is often erratic.

Safwa Hotel

A suites-only hotel right in the centre of Tripoli. The large and clean air-conditioned rooms all come with high speed internet connection and there is a good restaurant downstairs. It is mainly aimed at businessmen.

Ancient Zumit Hotel

The small Zumit, in an old, recently renovated caravanserai in the medina, is the most romantic and atmospheric hotel in town. The rooms are decorated in Ottoman style but have air conditioning and other mod-cons. The hotel has also a good seafood restaurant.