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Mauritius Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Mauritius

Mauritius has abolished taxes on most shopping items, meaning that it’s a great place to come to buy luxury goods, such as designer clothing, jewellery, perfume and electrical goods. Tourist shopping centres are located around the island, with a good selection of designer shops at the Caudan Waterfront complex in Port Louis, as well as in the smart resort town of Grand Baie. For real bargain hunters, join the locals at the textile markets and clothing factory outlet stores of Curepipe, Quatre-Bornes and Rose-Hill. In terms of traditional handicrafts, Mauritius offers little of huge interest, with the possible exception of locally produced baskets, tea, spices and fabrics. Another popular souvenir are model ships, for which Mauritius is famous.

Shopping hours

Mon-Sat 0930-1700. Some shops are open until 1200 on Sundays and public holidays. Markets usually close around 1600. Shops in Rose-Hill, Curepipe and Quatre-Bornes close on Thursday afternoons.

Nightlife in Mauritius

Mauritius isn’t really a destination for great nightlife, though the best of what there is can be found in and around Grand Baie, where you’ll find lively bars, live music, restaurants and nightclubs. Port Louis has mainly restaurants and bars, but is neither very busy nor particularly safe after dark beyond the Caudan Waterfront. Rivière Noire is a Creole fishermen's district where sega dancing is especially lively on Saturday nights. Sega troupes give performances at most hotels. Gamblers are lavishly catered for; casinos are among the island's attractions.

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