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Grapple with a spot of rock climbing

For rock climbers, the Atlas Mountains are teasingly close. A playground of snowy peaks, deep-cut gorges and breathtaking scenery, Climb Morocco ( offer day trips for those wishing to grapple with the landscape. From beginners to more experienced climbers, their expert guides can show you some spectacular spots to shimmy up.

Make for the Moroccan mountains

The Atlas Mountains are one of the greatest ranges in North Africa and for hikers a great escape from the city. Just under two hours south of Marrakech, the hills are easy accessible by car. Choose an experienced outfit like Toubkal Guide (tel: +212 6711 57636; whose tours take trekkers to the highest peaks.

Spend a night under the stars

There is no better way of seeing the Sahara than on a camel's back. From Marrakech, the drive to the desert takes several hours but is worth the numb backside. Vamos a Marruecos (tel: +212 6672 50247; organise three-day trips that not only show you ancient Saharan villages but include a night under the stars too.

Spice up your life with a cookery class

Wander the markets in Marrakech and you'll see a burst of electric pink, saffron red and sunset yellow. With so many spices it's easy to be overwhelmed and hard to know where to start. Cookery school, Faim d'Epices (tel: +212 6000 48800; will teach you how to turn your spice haul into tasty, traditional dishes.

Unwind in a traditional Hammam

After a morning of bartering in the souks, unwind like a local in a steam room, an important part of Moroccan culture. Hammam El-Bacha, 20 Rue Fatima Zohra, offers a traditional experience where visitors hire a bucket, black soap and exfoliating glove to cleanse in the marble rooms. Mornings are for males and afternoons for females.

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