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Getting Around Niger


There are no scheduled domestic flights, but it may be possible to charter a private jet.


Certain roads are permanently closed to tourists without special authorisation. The principal internal roads are from Niamey to Zinder, Tahoua, Arlit and Gaya. Petrol stations are infrequent and garages are extremely expensive. Driving standards aren't great.

Travel in convoy and make sure you have plenty of water. It's prohibited to travel by a different route than that entered in your passport by the police at the previous town. It's necessary to pay a toll on main routes. Travellers are advised against driving at night.

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Road Quality

Roads are reasonable, but watch out for potholes. Many tracks are impassable during heavy rain. The best season for road travel is from December to March.

Car Hire

Self-drive and chauffeur-driven cars are available, the latter being compulsory outside the capital. Much of the country requires 4-wheel drive vehicles, guides and full equipment.


Bush taxis: These are shared intercity taxis and are usually cheaper, but slower, than buses.


An International Driving Permit is required and is valid for three months. Ensure you carry your vehicle registration documents at all times.


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