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Where to stay in Nigeria


There are first-class hotels in Lagos and in the major towns, but they are heavily booked and advance reservation is essential. Lagos is one of the most congested cities in Africa, and the majority of good hotels are on Lagos Island. Hotels are generally very expensive, but there is a variety of alternative accommodation. Further information can be obtained from the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (see Contact Addresses).
Government-run catering rest houses are scattered throughout the country and offer accommodation in colonial-style rest houses. In many towns, Christian missions are able to offer good basic accommodation at a reasonable price. The universities have guest houses for visiting academics, but may be able to accommodate other visitors. Most of the big towns have sporting clubs which offer cheap accommodation and eating facilities, and can be used by visitors who take temporary membership. Port Harcourt is the centre of the national oil industry and offers a large selection of accommodation to the industry, which is also available to tourists.


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