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Where to stay in Seychelles


Although the Seychelles offer the full range of accommodation from self-catering apartments to 5-star hotels, careful planning has ensured that the islands have retained the astonishing beauty and quiet charm that attracted the first tourists. Right from the start, the government decreed that no new building could be higher than the surrounding palm trees, with the result that big-city levels of comfort and convenience have been achieved in thoroughly Seychellois settings. It is advisable to confirm reservations with a deposit, particularly during the high season from December to January and in July and August.

All recently built hotels come well up to international standards and there are numerous large resort hotels. Older hotels and guest houses on the smaller islands may lack some sophistication, but their charming seclusion has long recommended them to those seeking complete peace and privacy.

Bed and breakfast

It's not all island resorts and beach front hotels. Many B&Bs and guest houses are former plantation houses modestly modernised and run by the resident owner. Thatched-roof chalets and guest houses, built in the local style, are to be found mainly on outlying islands. Generally room rates are lower, meaning these may better suited to backpackers or those on a budget.


Camping is not permitted throughout the Seychelles.

Other accomodation

Self-catering accommodation is in plentiful supply – you'll find the majority of apartments, lodges and villas on the main islands of Praslin, Mahe and La Digue. For further details, contact the Seychelles Tourist Office.