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Hangzhou Nightlife

If you're looking for nightlife in Hangzhou, Shuguang Lu is the best place for bars, but there's also a bunch of watering holes near Ming Town Youth Hostel on Nanshan Lu (towards the southern end of the eastern shore of West Lake).

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Bars in Hangzhou

1944 Bar

Loud, brash and just as popular with the locals as it is the expats, 1944 Bar is the perfect sized spot to settle down for a few cold drinks. With comfortable barstools and great nooks and crannies, it’s easy to lose track of time once settled in its comfy booths and sofas. The owners are avid travellers, and have decked out parts of the bar with tasteful souvenirs they've picked up from various parts of China. This place also has live music from time to time.

Address: Xihu, 119 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou, 310000

Amigo Bar

One of Hangzhou's prettier bars, this place just northwest of the lake is done up beautifully, with plenty of flower-filled patio seating. The Western food menu (with English translations) is extensive, so this is a smart choice for a lunchtime pit stop or early evening drink, before heading somewhere livelier. The bar has two large outdoor seating areas, but such is the design that even the tables inside get plenty of natural light.

Address: Xihu, 8 Yugu Road, Hangzhou, 310000
Telephone: +86 571 8880 9599

Aurora Lounge

One of Hangzhou's hottest cocktail bars, Aurora has secured the services of Jojo, one of the city's best-loved and most talented mixologists. The drinks are a class above other cocktail bars in town (it's one of those places where you get a single, large, hand-carved chunk of ice to keep your cocktail cool) and it has the clientele, decor and atmosphere to match. The bar is about 2km (1.2 miles) east of West Lake, just behind the main train station.

Address: Xiacheng, 85 East Huancheng Road, Hangzhou, 310016
Telephone: +86 156 5805 3155

Eudora Station

With wooden beam floors and low hanging lanterns, Eudora Station is another great looking watering hole. Perched on the eastern shore of West Lake, it makes excellent use of its prime location and affords sublime views from its roof terrace. The Western food menu is decent and they sometimes fire up the barbecue, so this has become one of the city's most popular drinking spots. Pull up a stool; it looks as if it will be staying strong for some time.

Address: Xihu, 101-107 Nanshan Lu, Hangzhou, 310000
Telephone: +86 571 8791 4760.

G+ Club

On the Northern tip of West Lake, this dance club has a good mix of foreigners and locals. International DJs occasionally come to play music and give a proper clubbing experience. Truly a great place to drink the night away.


Address: Shangcheng, 55 Hubin Road, Hangzhou, 310002
Telephone: +86 571 2819 5888

Old Captain Lounge Bar

Offering a cosier atmosphere than other bars on Shuguang Lu, Old Captain stands beside its noisier neighbour 1944 Bar, and is a more laidback alternative for this side of town. Like many of the bars here, they have occasional live acts, but here they enhance the Paris-of-the-East theme by sometimes singing 1930s Shanghai classics. Old Captain has some outdoor seating too.

Address: Xihu, 113 Shuguang Lu, Hangzhou, 310000

Clubs in Hangzhou

Live music in Hangzhou

Huanglou JZ Club

Run by the same people behind JZ Club in Shanghai, this place has Hangzhou's jazz scene sewn up. Located in a neat and cultured three-floor villa near the lake, there's live jazz nightly with some international names on the billing. The first floor is non-smoking (an unusual bonus for a music venue in China) and the wine list, plus whisky selection, is one of the best in the city.

Address: Shangcheng, 6 Liuying Lu, Hangzhou, 310001
Telephone: +86 571 8702 8298.

Shares Bar

A new concept for a bar in Hangzhou, this one sold 100 shares at ¥5000 a pop, and invited punters to become part-owners in the business. It seems to have worked so far, the place is usually full, despite being a bit of a trek away from the main nightlife scene. Found south of the river, close to Jiangling Road metro station, its main pull is its live music. They have some decent local acts here (and the occasional international band on the Shanghai warm-up circuit), plus the odd comedy night. Drinks are well priced too, including its good whisky selection.

Address: Binjiang, 1785 Jianghan Road, Hangzhou, 310000
Telephone: +86 153 2588 4469

Classical music in Hangzhou

Dance in Hangzhou

Theatres in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Grand Theatre

The Hangzhou Grand Theatre is the city's top venue for quality acting performances. It has the best acoustics of any theatre in town, pulls in the biggest names and is housed in an eye-catching, space-age venue, which is almost worth the trip into the city centre alone. As China’s second largest theatre, there is room for everything from ballet, opera, chamber music and dance to the odd orchestra now and then.

Address: Jianggan, 39 Xinye Road, Hangzhou, 310016
Telephone: +86 571 8685 5118

Music and Dance in Hangzhou

Culture in Hangzhou

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Featured Hotels


Shangri-La Hotel

Amid spacious forested grounds on the northern lakeshore, this is possibly the most refined and romantic of Hangzhou’s five-star hotels. There's a selection of bars, restaurants and a fitness centre. Top-floor rooms have wonderful lake views.

Zhongshan International Hotel

About a 10-minute walk east of the lake, this Hangzhou hotel has clean, modern rooms which are surprisingly quiet. Better value than many of its lakeside rivals.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

Pricey but amazingly beautiful, the Four Seasons Hotel features a spectacularly pleasant staff. The exclusive arrival via boat combined with the spectacular restaurant and spa offer a truly tranquil experience. The perfect place for any occasion from business to pleasure.


Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou

One of the best value hotels in the heart of Hangzhou city, The Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale isn’t far from the beautiful West Lake. Onsite parking, WiFi, a business centre, bar and swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor) are available.


Hangzhou International Youth Hostel

Hangzhou's best youth hostel is on the eastern lakeshore in an area dotted with bars, cafes and clubs. There's a variety of basic but well-kept rooms including singles, doubles and dorms. Staff members speak good English and there are all the usual hostel facilities such as laundry room, self-service kitchen and Wi-Fi.

Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse

This large resort, set in stunning gardens on the quieter west side of the lake, has historically been the lakeside retreat of China's Communist Party elite. Spread across eight buildings, there are 178 rooms, a golf course, meeting facilities, tennis courts and an indoor pool.