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Thailand - Tuktuk, Bangkok, Thailand


The attractions of Thailand are myriad – ruined cities, ancient monasteries, Buddhist monks, colourful hill tribes, floating markets, rave parties, dense rain...

Vietnam - Island Westlake, Hanoi, Vietnam


Some destinations evoke mental images the moment their names are mentioned, and Vietnam is one of them. A frenetic and fascinating country, it calls to mind ...

Laos - Bhuddistic Temple sculpture, Laos


Laos – officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic – is one of the great travel frontiers; landlocked and mountainous, swamped by ju...

Malaysia - Hornbill, Malaysia


 With reefs and rainforests, mountains and minarets, skyscrapers and sampans, Malaysia certainly lives up to its slogan: “truly Asia.” One o...

Myanmar - Shwedagon Pagoda of Myanmar


Once a pariah state, Myanmar – previously known as Burma – is fast becoming the must-see destination in Southeast Asia, helped by an incredible a...

Philippines - El Nido, Philippines Island.


The other Southeast Asia, the Philippines is where Asia and Europe collide, over a sprawl of sand-circled tropical islands. Here, Catholic tradition...

Singapore - Little India, Singapore


Once routinely criticised for being dull, Singapore has reinvented itself as one of Southeast Asia’s most modern and dynamic cities. Melding together a...

Pakistan - Wazir Khan mosque, Lahore, Pakistan


From ancient cities to jaw-dropping mountain scenery, fertile valleys to bustling bazaars, Pakistan encapsulates diversity. It is a land enhanced by friendly, w...

Sri Lanka - Colombo Seafront, Srilanka

Sri Lanka

Southern India meets Buddhist Asia; Sri Lanka is a land of ancient ruins and religious relics, palm-fringed beaches and colourful reefs, balmy rainforests an...