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Kazakhstan Food and Drink

Kazakhstan food is a reflection of the country's unique ethnic and religious composition. Beer, vodka, brandy and sparkling wines are available in many restaurants.


• Kazi and chuzhuk (horsemeat sausages).
• Kaurdak (mutton stew).
Sheep's head.
• Besbarmak (made from horse meat or mutton and dough).
• Shashlyk (skewered chunks of mutton barbecued over charcoal).


This is not customary at restaurants and cafes, but is increasingly common in international hotels. A service charge is included in hotel and restaurant bills.

Regional drinks

Kazakh tea or chai is very popular and there are national cafes called Chai-Khana (tea-rooms) where visitors may sip this Kazakh speciality. It is drunk very strong with cream.
Kumis (fermented mare's milk). Cafes where this can be ordered are called Kumis-Khana. Refusing it when offered may cause offence.
In the steppe and desert regions where camels are bred, the camel's milk, called shubat, is offered to guests.

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