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Getting Around Kazakhstan


Air Astana ( operates frequent domestic flights. While Air Astana does maintain aircraft to European JAR-145 standards, travellers should note that maintenance procedures for some aircraft operating internally may not conform to internationally accepted standards.

Domestic airports include Nur-Sultan (Astana) (, Almaty (, Kyzylorda, Oral and Aktau.


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Road Quality

There is a reasonable network of roads in Kazakhstan connecting all the towns and regional centres, but roads aren't well maintained. Petrol supplies are reasonably reliable in comparison with other Central Asian republics. Road conditions can be dangerous in winter.

Car Hire

Available in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana) and at the airports.


These are available in all Kazakh cities. Travellers should not use unlicensed taxis.


An International Driving Permit is required.

Urban travel

Almaty is served by trolleybuses, buses and a modern metro system. There are plans for a light-rail network in Nur-Sultan (Astana).


The cost of rail travel in Kazakhstan is minimal in comparison with Western Europe and there are regular connections between all the main centres. Queues at stations to buy a ticket can be long and you should bring your own food and drink for the journey. It may be advisable for foreign visitors to travel by bus between cities, owing to an increase in robberies on trains.


You can take river trips in Semipalatinsk on the River Irtysh.

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