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Anguilla Food and Drink

Unusually for a Caribbean island, Anguilla boasts an exciting array of gourmet, gastronomic dining experiences (by chefs from the excellent hotel dining rooms that have set up independent restaurants) as well Mexican and Italian and of course the informal fare of the beach bars. While most ingredients are imported, local fish, lobster, Anguillian crayfish and some local crops are used.


• Salt fish, usually served shredded and tossed with finely chopped onions, sweet peppers, some oil and a bit of hot pepper, is a traditional breakfast.
• Spiny lobster bisque is often served on special occasions.
Johnny cakes, which taste somewhere between bread and cake, are served instead of dinner rolls.
• Tamarind balls are a sweet and sour treat.
• Pigeon peas and rice is a popular side dish.



Normal practice is 10-15%.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

Mauby (a soft drink made from tree bark) is popular in bars.

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