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Antigua and Barbuda Food and Drink

Fresh catches are amongst Antigua's gastronomic specialities with lobster, red snapper, conch, mahi mahi, shrimp and other fish always worth sampling. Most resorts have their own restaurants, but to sample authentic Antiguan fare, head to one of the excellent local restaurants, which are scattered around both the islands. Renowned for their hearty Caribbean dishes, some of these restaurants also offer beach views.

On Antigua you will find all types of international cuisine including French, Italian and American food as well as local specialities. Meanwhile, delectable street food, such as barbeque chicken, fish and rotis, can be found around St John's and English Harbour.


Seafood: The waters around the islands abound with delicious fish.
Fungee: Cornmeal and okra dumplings.
Pepperpot: Hearty vegetable stew with salted meat often served with fungee.
Roti: Patties filled with curried potatoes, chicken or beef.
Ducana: Grated sweet potato mixed with coconut, sugar and spices and steamed in a banana leaf. Often served with mashed aubergine, okra and saltfish.
Tamarind balls: Candy made from tamarind.
Antigua black pineapple: Pineapples famous throughout the East Caribbean for their unique, extra-sweet flavour.
Callaloo: A dark green vegetable often served as a soup.
Johnny cakes: A kind of doughnut, usually served as breakfast with salted codfish and chopped up.
Ting: Sparkling grapefruit drink.
Wadadli: A light local lager.
Freshly squeezed juice: Pineapples, coconuts, guavas, mangoes, lemongrass and tamarind all make delicious juices.
Rum: Antigua English Harbour and Antigua Cavalier are the most famous brands.

Things to know

Antiguan food can be spicy, but locals often add extra heat with a splash of Susie's Hot Sauce, which is present on most Antiguan dining tables.


10 to 15% is included on hotel bills for staff gratuities, plus an 8.5% government tax.

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