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Getting Around Antigua and Barbuda


A small airstrip at Codrington on Barbuda is equipped to handle light aircraft. Antigua Barbuda Montserrat Air ( operates daily scheduled flights between Antigua, Barbuda and Montserrat.

A helicopter ride and tour is also available from Antigua to Barbuda ( Some hotels on Barbuda can arrange private helicopter transfer.

Air Note

To fly to other islands from Barbuda it is necessary to transfer back to VC Bird International airport on Antigua.


It is perfectly safe to drive around Antigua by road and this is a good way to explore the country. Main roads are of good quality but may become dirt tracks if you go off the beaten track. A car is not strictly necessary as public transport does exist, but buses, most of which run from St. Johns, tend to serve local rather than tourist routes. Taxis are reliable and plentiful.

Side of the road


Road Quality

Larger roads are all-weather and in reasonable condition, although they often lack road markings. Smaller roads are more rugged and can contain pot holes.

Few streets are lit at night.

Car Hire

This can be organised in advance from your home country but is easy to do on arrival. In addition to a valid driver’s licence, a permit to drive in Antigua is required. The hire company can assist in getting this temporary licence. There are several reputable car hire companies on Antigua (some of which also hire out mopeds and bicycles). Hire rates are for the day and there is no mileage. Rental cars are identifiable by an ‘R’ on licence plates.

If travelling with young children, be aware that car hire companies do not provide child or booster seats. It is not a legal requirement to use these, but the conditions of the roads on Antigua make it advisable.


Taxis are available everywhere with standardised rates. US Dollars are more readily accepted by taxi drivers. Taxi drivers are also qualified as tour guides for sightseeing trips. Taxis are identified by ‘TX’ on licence plates.


You can hire bikes from car rental companies or from hotels. Motorcycles are also available for hire at Jolly Harbour.


The national speed limit is 65kph (40mph) and there is a limit of 32kph (20mph) in built-up areas.

Breakdown services

In the event of a breakdown contact your car hire company.

Road note

Travellers thinking of driving to remote locations may want to consider hiring a 4-wheel drive vehicle.



Local boats are available for excursions, and hotels and tour companies can arrange day trips.

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