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Where to stay in Antigua and Barbuda


When it comes to accommodation, Antigua and Barbuda tend to be at the expensive end of the scale. Luxury properties with pools and state-of-the-art facilities abound in the resorts on the beachfronts, as do all-inclusives, but there are less expensive options (albeit more down to earth) to be found too. Boutique hotels such as Keyonna Beach on Antigua Island are gaining in popularity too.

Hotel rates are considerably cheaper in the summer months (May to November) due to the frequent tropical storms. A government tax of 8.5% is added to hotel bills, plus a service charge of 10%. There is no official grading system but a wide choice of hotels is available on Antigua. Being smaller, Barbuda's accommodation range is more limited, but there are still a few major resorts on the island.

Note: Accommodation must be booked well in advance during Tennis Week, Antigua Sailing Week and Carnival (contact the tourist office for further information). No special accommodation facilities exist for students and young travellers and camping is not allowed. Sleeping and living on the beaches is also not permitted.

Bed and breakfast

Guest houses and bed & breakfasts are much cheaper than the hotels and provide basic but clean accommodation, sometimes with meals. There are a number of guest houses and B&Bs on both Antigua and Barbuda. Most are charming, if a little ramshackle, providing a less-cloistered view of life on the islands.


Camping on the island isn't allowed; for budget options, staying in a hostel is your best bet.

Other accomodation

Self catering: If you're on a budget, one of the best options is to rent a self-catering villa or apartment. These generally work out less expensive on a per-person basis, and the island is full of wonderful properties to rent, that will suit most group sizes.

Hostel: Backpackers are few and far between on Antigua & Barbuda, and so the islands are lacking in options for budget accommodation. However, there are some hostels located in Falmouth Harbour, where dorm room rates hover around the $25 per night rate.

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