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Things to see and do in Dominica

Attractions in Dominica

Buckle up for a jeep safari

Explore Dominica's hidden reaches by jeep and experience a tranquil contrast to bustling Roseau. Once you've arrived at some of the more remote spots, you can scour forests for birdlife and marvel at vibrant tropical blooms nestling amongst rock crevices and moss-covered scrub.

Delve into the Central Forest Reserve

This beautiful reserve is home to a vast population of gommier trees whose wood has provided building and craft material to Caribs for hundreds of years. Visitors can drive through the reserve, which was established in 1952, and enjoy the surrounding greenery, lakes and rivers.

Dive into crystalline water

The warm waters of Dominica are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling, especially at Soufrière, where dramatic volcanic cliffs tumble into the sea. Visibility is excellent with some of the best, lesser-known snorkelling spots reached by kayaking along the coast.

Feel the heat at Boiling Lake

The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is home to the Boiling Lake: a steaming basin of bubbling liquid found at an altitude of 762m (2,500ft). Only reachable by foot, it is highly recommended that anyone undertaking the 7-mile journey from Laudat is accompanied by a guide.

Follow the L'Escalier Tête Chien

L'Escalier Tête Chien (which, in French Creole, means "Stairway of the Snake's Head") is an impressive rock formation jutting out into the Atlantic, and is found in the Carib Territory. It's perhaps one of the most sacred sites on the whole island.

Go whale watching

The waters surrounding Dominica are teeming with marine life, most notably cetaceans. Sperm whales, pilot whales and pygmy whales all glide around the coast, as do Atlantic and spotted dolphins. Dominica is the only country in the world where the sperm whale stays all year long, although sightings are most common between November and March.

Have a bath at Soufriere Sulphur Springs

If Dominica's balmy climate isn't hot enough for you, take a dip in these sultry springs. Locals believe the water here has healing properties and some Dominicans even sip small amounts of it to cleanse themselves. We don't recommend that, but we do recommend a dip in the springs, which leave bathers feeling revitalised.

Hike in Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Stretch your legs amid the lush greenery, towering trees and exotic foliage in Morne Trois Pitons National Park. With its steep slopes and deep valleys, visitors can stumble upon hot springs, freshwater lakes and five volcanoes. The park presents a heady mix of natural features, which earned it a place on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

Hit the beach

You don't have to travel far to find a good beach in Dominica. For the archetypal Caribbean experience head to the north, where gentle waves lap onto white, sandy shores. Once a hangout for pirates, Pointe Baptiste is a gateway to one of the island's best black beaches, which offers a pleasant change. If for some reason you don't like feeling the sand between your toes, head to the rocky shores of Castle Bruce Beach.

Make a day trip to Trafalgar Falls

Dominica's most popular waterfall is incredibly beautiful and many flock to see it cascade down the rocks. After heavy rains the falls get pretty powerful and the rocks are dangerously slippery, so take care if you do decide to take a dip.

Meet Dominica’s indigenous inhabitants

Home to the last remaining indigenous community in the Caribbean, the Carib Territory offers a rare glimpse into the lives of Dominica’s original inhabitants. Renowned for their canoe-building skills, the Caribs' long, pointed vessels are hewn from the trunk of a gommier tree and lucky visitors may be able to witness craftsman at work using age-old carving techniques.

Relax in Roseau

With its friendly locals and sea views, Dominica's pretty capital is a fine place to while away a day or two. Join in the hubbub of the lively downtown area or kick back in the beautiful Botanical Gardens. The city's colourful streets are home to a stellar selection of bars and restaurants, which keep appetites sated and booties shaking.

Show your Carnival colours

With February comes Carnival: two weeks of raucous revelry culminating in a wild costume parade. Expect sequin dresses, feather masks and skimpy outfits aplenty, plus street jugglers, prancing musicians and marching drummers, all of which are lapped up by a cheering crowd of merrymakers.

Swim in the Emerald Pool

Waters appear green in the leafy light of Emerald Pool, which is one of the most tranquil spots in Morne Trois Pitons National Park. The cool waters of this pool come from a gentle waterfall, which provides an invigorating shower for bathers.

Visit Cabrits Historical Park

On the Cabrits Peninsula find the fine ruins of Fort Shirley and Fort George, which date back to the 18th century. There's a small museum near the entrance, which features collections of artefacts discovered on the site, and various jungle trails nearby.

Tourist offices

Discover Dominica Tourist Board

Address: 1st Floor Financial Centre, Roseau,
Telephone: (767) 448 2045

Dominican Republic Tourist Board in the USA

Address: Forest Hills, 110-64 Queens Boulevard, New York, 11375
Telephone: (718) 261 9615 or 1 888 645 5637.
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