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Where to stay in St Vincent and the Grenadines


From casual and economical to elegant and exclusive, lodgings in St Vincent and the Grenadines offer something for every taste and budget. The choice ranges from a rustic cottage on the beach or a historic country hotel in the mountains, to a luxury resort with an island to itself. All hotels are small and emphasise personal service. A list of rates is available from the St Vincent Department of Tourism and all its overseas offices. All rooms are subject to a 7% hotel tax.

Grading: Many hotels in the Caribbean offer accommodation according to one of a number of plans. FAP (Full American Plan): room and all meals supplied (including afternoon tea, supper, etc); AP (American Plan): room and three meals supplied; MAP (Modified American Plan): breakfast and dinner included with the price of the room plus, in some places, British-style afternoon tea; CP (Continental Plan): room and breakfast only; EP (European Plan): room only.


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