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Trinidad and Tobago Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Trinidad and Tobago

You can find goods from all over the world in Port of Spain, but characterful local purchases include calypso records, steel drums, leather bags and sandals, ceramics and woodcarvings. Gold and silver jewellery can be good value, as can Indian silks and fabrics. The country’s cultural mix of African, Indian and Caribbean influences, in fact, means there are few better places on the planet to purchase bright clothes and materials. Rum should also be considered. Port of Spain’s Frederick Street is the main shopping hub.

Shopping hours

Mon-Thurs 0800-1600, Fri 0800-1800 and Sat 0800-1300. Some shops stay open later in Port of Spain, and malls are often open till 2100. Shops close on public holidays, especially during Carnival.

Nightlife in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad has a wide and varied nightlife including hotel entertainment and nightclubs with calypso, limbo dancers and steel bands. Although it is dying out, you can still catch old-style calypso at Woodbrook in Port of Spain, whilst St James, on the western edge of the capital, is dubbed “the city that never sleeps” due to the pulsating bars and clubs. During the carnival season (from New Year to Carnival, held two days before Ash Wednesday), both islands are alive with live music in the calypso tents and pan (steel band) yards. In Tobago, the main Calypsonians from Trinidad travel over to perform at Shaw Park, Scarborough and Roxborough. There is something happening most nights of the week at this time - details are available locally and from the Tobago News.

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