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Travel to Trinidad and Tobago

Flying to Trinidad and Tobago

The national airline is Caribbean Airlines (, whose routes include direct flights from New York to Port of Spain. British Airways ( flies to Tobago from London, with a brief stop in Antigua. American Airlines ( runs direct flights from Miami to Port of Spain.

Almost all international flights arrive at Piarco International Airport, 27km (17 miles) east of Port of Spain on Trinidad, as well as Tobago’s Crown Point International Airport, 7km (4 miles) west of Scarborough.

The major airport is: A.N.R. Robinson International Airport.

Airport Guides

A.N.R. Robinson International Airport




A. N. R. Robinson International Airport is located on the southern tip of Tobago, around 11km (6.8 miles) from the Scarborough city centre.


868 639 8547

AddressCrown Point


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Piarco International Airport




The airport is 25km (16 miles) east of Port of Spain.


Flight times

From London - 11 hours (including stopover); New York - 5 hours.

Departure tax

TT$100 or US$17. Children under five years of age are exempt. No tax is charged on flights between Trinidad and Tobago.

Travelling to Trinidad and Tobago by Rail

Driving to Trinidad and Tobago

Getting to Trinidad and Tobago by boat

Main ports: Port of Spain and Scarborough. 

The ferry to Venezuela is no longer in operation.

Cruise ships

Cruise lines stop at Port of Spain. Peak season is from November to April.

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