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Where to stay in Albania


As one would expect, the capital city has the widest range of hotels, with accommodation ranging from the luxury end of the market - the Sheraton ( and the Rogner ( - through business hotels and cosier, family-run establishments, to budget options including Albania's first Backpacker Hostel (, in a 19th-century villa a few minutes' walk from the city centre.

There is a somewhat haphazard grading system, using stars, which does not necessarily correspond to the facilities provided.

Bed and breakfast

Outside Tirana, accommodation is usually in family-run guest houses or in large, communist-era hotels, most of which have been renovated to at least an acceptable standard. There are top-of-the-range hotels at Saranda, Durrësi, Vlora and at a couple of beach resorts. Since Albania’s tourism sector continues to grow, expect more hotels.


Other accomodation

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