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Travel to Albania

Flying to Albania

British Airways (BA) ( has a year-round direct service to Tirana from London Gatwick.

The major airport is: Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza.

Flight times

From London to Tirana - 3 hours.

Travelling to Albania by Rail

There are no international passenger services at present.

Driving to Albania

Guarded parking is essential; mid-range hotels (and better) usually provide this to guests. If bringing your own car, make sure your insurance covers you for driving in Albania.

Getting to Albania by boat

Main ports: Durrës and Vlorë.

Ferry operators

Adria Ferries ( runs ferries from Durrës to Bari (journey time - 10 hours), Ancona (journey time - 18 hours) and Trieste (journey time - 24 hours) in Italy.

Grand Navi Veloci ( and Ventouris Ferries ( also run ferries on the Durrës-Bari route.

European Seaways ( covers the Durrës-Bari crossing too, and operates ferries between Vlorë and Brindisi, Italy (journey time - 5 hours 30 minutes).

European Ferries ( runs services from both Durrës and Vlorë to Brindisi.

Finikas Lines ( has a hydrofoil service (journey time - 30 minutes) and a ferry service (journey time - 90 minutes) from Sarandë to Corfu.