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Restaurants in Antwerp

If you have a penchant for mussels then you’ve come to the right place; these molluscs are the main feature on most menus in the city. Yet Antwerp is no one-trick-pony when it comes to gastronomy. The city’s plethora of restaurants gives diners an extensive choice of cuisine from all corners of the globe.

The Antwerp restaurants below have been handpicked by our guide author and grouped into three pricing categories:
Expensive (over €45)
Moderate (€25 to €45)
Cheap (up to €25)

These prices are for a three-course meal per person without drinks.



Cuisine: Belgian, Mediterranean

Lux is one of the latest dockland conversions to turn cavernous industrial premises into a cutting-edge restaurant. Complete with wonderful views, sweeping staircases and a glass lift, Lux serves superb Belgian-Mediterranean dishes with an emphasis on fish and seafood. Try the monkfish with giant gnocchi for a main course or tuck into the chocolate banana mascarpone for a mouth-watering dessert.

Address: , Adriaan Brouwerstraat 13, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 233 3030


Cuisine: Belgian

This ship-shaped restaurant is something of a landmark in Antwerp and not just because of its gregarious design. Formerly known as Zuiderterras, the eatery was redesigned and renovated, emerging as RAS in early 2016. The menu boasts superb Belgian cuisine with contemporary twists that follow seasonal cues. Better still, the view across the water is as stunning as the food, particularly as the sun sets along the river’s edge.

Address: , Ernest van Dijckkaai 37, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 234 1275

‘t Fornuis

Cuisine: Belgian, French

Right in the heart of the city, this elegant restaurant has maintained the highest standards, with admirable consistency, for around three decades. With a regularly changing menu, the French-influenced creations of Michelin-starred chef Johan Segers continue to win over customers, garnering accolades in abundance.

Address: , Reyndersstraat 24, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 233 6270



Cuisine: Belgian

This intimate Flemish bistro is run by a couple that’s passionate about both the restaurant and hospitality industries. The chef, raised in a family of cooks, is revered for his hearty meat dishes, decadent soups and freshly prepared vegetables. The building is split up into two floors, offering ideal dining for big groups, as well as cozy salons for sipping coffee in the winter chill.


Address: , Vlaamsekaai 10, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 344 6331

De Rooden Hoed

Cuisine: Belgian

Fully renovated in 2013, this café-cum-restaurant claims to be the oldest in Antwerp, apparently existing in some form or another since 1750. All we know is that De Rooden Hoed features a gamut of traditional Belgian cuisine on its menu, including a great range of mussel dishes. The restaurant has a casual yet bustling ambiance and it can be hard to get a table during the summer crush.

Address: , Oude Koornmarkt 25, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 289 0909.

Grand Café Horta

Cuisine: European

This lovely art nouveau brasserie occupies a magnificent light-filled pavilion with huge glass walls and a ceiling held up by towering cast iron arches. There’s a more modern annex in the cellar if all the magnificence distracts you from enjoying the food, which is often a refined take on established European classics.

Address: , Hopland 2, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 203 5660

Het Gerecht

Cuisine: European

Established in September 1998, Het Gerecht is an expensive culinary experience with weekly-changing lunch menus and 5-6 course dinners. For those looking to indulge in a pleasant ambience, Chef Wim makes dining an unforgettable experience. He holds personal conversations with his diners, who eat in a room surrounded by beautiful photography – the chef’s second passion.


Address: , Amerikalei 20, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 248 7928


Bia Mara

Cuisine: Seafood, European

An Irish phrase meaning seafood, Bia Mara is reinventing the traditional fish and chips combo. The restaurant sits in the historic Grote Markt of Antwerp and offers its speciality of Cajun spiced mackerel. With other options, including salmon, seabass and halibut, Bia Mara boasts a creative take on the classic dish at affordable prices.


Address: , Maalderijstraat 1, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 707 2387


Cuisine: Mediterranean, Turkish

This restaurant is a hidden gem in Antwerp. The place is filled with locals, which is always a good sign, and offers great food at affordable prices. Known for its friendly service, Cypro prides itself on an original menu with entrees influenced by Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. The mix of new and comfort food (expect pizza, kebabs and falafel) will satisfy the taste buds of everyone dining.


Address: , Volkstraat 60, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 216 4900


Cuisine: Indonesian

This beautiful Indonesian restaurant offers a smorgasbord of authentic dishes at incredible prices. Cosy and casual, this is one of the best places to dine comfortably thanks to its warm ambiance and delicious cuisine. Fare includes Indonesian favourites like nasi kuning (rice with coconut milk and turmeric) and nasi goreng (stir-fried rice).

Address: , Oude Koornmarkt 61, Antwerp, 2000
Telephone: +32 3 226 4463


Cuisine: French-Belgian

Quirky, fun and family-friendly, the menu at Sensunik has a different theme every day of the week. The incredible prices more than compensate for the short stroll required to get here, but it doesn’t cut corners where quality is concerned. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll struggle to get more for your money.

Address: , Molenstraat 69, Antwerp, 2018
Telephone: +32 3 216 0066
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Featured Hotels


Hotel Rubens

Tucked away in a quiet side street behind the Grote Markt, this stylish 4-star hotel is the perfect base to explore the Old Town. A friendly concierge welcomes weary travellers with a refreshing port or sherry, while the hotel’s chic rooms are comfortable, quiet and well-appointed. You won’t go hungry either; their buffet breakfast will set you up for a day full of sightseeing.

Hotel Rubenshof

Next to the Fine Arts Museum, this cheap Antwerp hotel sits in the trendy Zuid district. The building occupies a former cardinal's residence that dates back to 1860, with ornate public areas and 22 tastefully decorated bedrooms.

Hotel Matelote

Matelote is a unique boutique hotel merging 21st century convenience with 16th century architecture. Nestled in the Haarstraat, the building is just a short walk from main attractions like the Grand Palace and its town hall, the River Scheldt and the Antwerp Cathedral. The Fashion Museum and Rubens House also sit nearby, making sight-seeing a breeze. Because it’s a historical site, there is no elevator in the hotel, meaning it does not offer full accessibility.


Firean Hotel

Built in 1929, the Firean Hotel is reputed to be one of the most charming hotels in Belgium. This hotel is an Art-deco mansion that the actual owners restored in 1986. They take pride in offering outstanding quality and service with thoughtful gestures. One of the proprietors welcomes guests upon arrival, acquainting visitors with the space.


Tra Noi

Located in the heart of the fashion district, this superb little guesthouse is owned by Danielle, a friendly lady who has two apartments and a guest bedroom that she rents out at very reasonable rates. Danielle used to work in the fashion industry, so the decor is stylish and slightly eccentric (there’s an antique rowing boat hanging from the ceiling of one apartment), but the city centre location is almost unbeatable.

Hotel Postiljon

Nestled in the shadow cast by the neighbouring cathedral, this long-established Antwerp hotel offers simple, clean and elegant rooms. It may be small with no frills, but considering its prime location opposite the city’s biggest landmark, Hotel Postiljon offers fantastic value for money.