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Sark & Herm Food and Drink

With its endless supply of fresh seafood, fledgling wine industry and sustainable ethos, Sark is reinventing itself as a true gourmet destination. Much of the produce is grown organically, and the local chefs build their menus around what’s in season.

On Herm, oysters, lobsters and crab dishes sourced straight from the fishing boats are popular, and fantastic French wines and cheeses are imported from nearby Normandy. The island has a small selection of restaurants, including the Ship Inn Brasserie at the White House Hotel (tel: (01481) 750 075) and The Conservatory Restaurant (

For a taste of Sark, head to one of the six hotels which all offer seasonal, organic produce grown in gardens across the island. Alternatively, Hathaways at La Seigneurie Gardens ( is a cafe bar and brasserie that boasts a fusion of English, French and Spanish cuisine prepared by a team of award-winning chefs. There are three other restaurants in the Avenue too. Classic British afternoon teas with cream and scones are a treat that can be found on both islands.


• Classic seafood platter
• Locally caught oysters
• Fish and chips
• Roast lamb raised organically on Sark


In hotels, a service charge of 10 to 12% is usual, which may be added to the bill. 10 to 15% is usual for restaurants; if this has already been added to the bill, a further tip is not required.

Drinking age


Regional drinks

In 2011, Sark's only vineyard produced its first harvest. It was tiny – barely a barrel – but the islanders hope that in future years wine-tasting tours will be another visitor attraction. The local sloe gin is also famous across the Channel Islands, and is celebrated in the annual Sloe Gin Competition at the Autumn Fair.

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