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Sark & Herm Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Sark & Herm

Shopping is limited in Herm (as you would expect from such a small island), but there are small gifts available. The best place to shop is the small, pretty piazza of shops on the harbour side. One of the most interesting items to take home would be a first day cover with a Herm stamp from the Post Office. Most shops have the classic bucket and spade kits for children, as well as beachwear. There are beach toys aplenty too, such as Frisbees, and some very colourful beach towels. Sea-themed gifts and shells can also be found in the gift shops.

Sark has a good selection of duty free shops along its main shopping street, the Avenue. Look out for Sarkstone jewellery as well as local honey and chocolate. The monthly markets at Sark Visitor Centre are fun, sociable occasions, and feature a range of stalls selling arts and crafts items as well as produce from around the island.

Shopping hours

Generally Mon-Sat 0930-1700, but opening times vary from shop to shop.

Nightlife in Sark & Herm

Going out on the islands of Sark and Herm can be a starry experience. The islands provide a relatively light pollution-free spot to gaze at the night sky and its stunning shooting stars. In fact, Sark is considered such a rarity by astronomers that it was recently named the world’s first ‘dark sky island’ by the International Dark Sky Associations (IDA). Nightlife tends to be more about watching the boats bob along at sea, and enjoying a long, leisurely meal. On winter evenings, head the Mermaid Tavern in Herm where its warming fire makes it one of the cosiest spots on the island.

Sark also has a pub called The Mermaid, and other good places to while away an enjoyable evening include the Bel Air Inn ( and the Old Smuggler’s Bar at Stock’s Hotel. Alcohol tends to be well-priced thanks to the liberal taxation system.

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