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Things to see and do in Sark & Herm

Attractions in Sark & Herm

Bird watching

Birdwatchers from around the world list Sark and Herm as one of their top birding destinations. More than 200 species have been recorded, most being migratory.

Charter a boat trip

A boat ride around the islands can offer fantastic views of the coastline and make for an enjoyable day trip. There's a chance to spot dolphins as well as get a full view of cliff nesting birds.

Climb inside a cave

At low tide, it is possible to explore some of the many coastal caves. The Jewel Cave in Sark is one of the most beautiful – it's home to thousands of anemones that cling to the walls and turn the rocks every colour from yellow to mauve. Bear in mind, however, that the cave is only accessibly at low tide and caution is recommended.

Cross La Coupée

Crossing La Coupée, Sark's iconic isthmus, is a must-do activity. A heady 79m (260ft) above sea level, the crossing was certainly precarious for the island's residents before guard rails, and later, pavement were constructed. Cyclists and horse riders must still dismount.

Explore Creux Harbour

Visit Sark's original serving harbour. Cliff-cut tunnels and pretty bays make for fun exploring or a tranquil picnic stop.

Gardens of La Seigneurie

The Royal Horticultural Society ranked these gardens as among the finest in the Channel Islands. The gardens are open every day from the beginning of April to the end of October.

Go on a day trip to Brecqhou

Guests at Sark Estate Management's hotels can now take advantage of guided tours to the Barclay brothers' famous private island.

Oystercatcher's Rock

Sark's northernmost point, Bec du Nez or 'Oystercatcher's Rock', provides the viewer with a natural stage from which to take in the sea fresh surroundings.

Pack in the action

Coasteering, geocaching and kayaking are all on offer in Sark and Herm. For more information, contact Adventure Sark (


Yacht and boats lovers are drawn to Sark and Herm Island for the splendid sailing. Moorings are located at Havre Gosselin on the west coast of Sark, and at La Gréve de la Ville bay on the east coast.

Sark Windmill

One of the Channel Island's remaining old windmills, the Sark windmill was in use until 1917.The tower is topped with a jaunty onion shaped ogee cap.

Sark prison

Built in 1856, Sark's prison must be one of the world's smallest. Prisoners in the past didn't exactly get a 5-star treatment as it is entirely windowless. The prison is still used today – although not very often!

Sip a pint

Herm's only pub, the Mermaid Tavern, is the centre of the island's social life. Sandwiches and stomach lining meals are available, not to mention a glorious view with which to enjoy a pint to. On Sark there are three pubs as well as several cafes and restaurants.


Swim in Sark's clean waters and discover secluded beaches. Dixcart Bay has two sandy beaches separated by a natural arch. Tidal pools are also numerous, such as the Venus Pool (a 6.1m/20ft tidal pool) and Adonis Pool; accessible at low tide. Herm Island's coastline is also a great environment for snorkeling, and, further out, diving.

Take a stroll

Few places in the world can boast zero traffic. Make the most of this safe and picturesque landscape on foot. There are scenic walks along cliffs and pathways throughout. Herm Island takes less than two hours to complete. Pop into the tourist office for maps.

Visit Tom Thumb

Herm's Tom Thumb Village has been restored from dereliction. Houses, a chapel and woods make for a lighthearted visit.

Tourist offices

Sak Tourism

Address: The Visitor Centre, Sark, GY9 0SA
Telephone: 0148 183 2345

Herm Island Tourism

Address: Administration Office, Herm Island, GY1 3HR
Telephone: 0148 175 0000
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