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Things to do in Toulouse

Cross the border for a spot of snowboarding

Head into the Pyrenees for some snow action. The nearest French resorts like Saint-Lary Soulan ( are small and stylish. Over the border is the vast and modern but, ahem, less elegant Grand Valira Resort ( in Andorra. Once there, it is easy to hire equipment and buy short-term lift passes.


Gently stroll along the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi, a UNESCO recognised route, runs for over 240km (150 miles) from Toulouse to the shores of the Med. Flat and straight, it's a footpath that makes a great walking trail. Once out of town you'll pass through fields of sunflowers and sleepy French hamlets beneath an arching tree canopy.

Get wild and wet on a wakeboard

A wakeboard is kind of like a snowboard on water, and it's just as tricky to get the hang of. Yet with warm weather and the right equipment plunging into the water just doesn't seem so bad. For those after a taste of adrenalin, TNS ( will help you take the plunge.

Power your way through the Pyrenees on a bike

Bike-friendly Toulouse ( has cycle paths strewn all over the city, plus a lovely flat path running along the Canal du Midi that stretches out to Carcassonne and beyond to the Med. An hour and half away, the Pyrenees, a Tour de France favourite, is literally breathtaking and ideal for some serious cycling.

Strap on some blades and skate the city

See Toulouse on wheels by joining in with Roulez Rose ( The name means pink wheels, and this is a full speed tour along the city's tarmac roads that takes place every week. For beginners, there are lessons, whilst stewards in fluorescent jackets ensure 'health and safety'.