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Georgia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Georgia

Georgian ceramics, embroidery and jewellery are all distinctive, and may be bought in art salons or special tourist shops. Visitors may also develop a liking for locally produced wines and brandies. Antiques such as rugs and icons attract a heavy export duty and must be licensed for export by the Ministry of Culture. Goods acquired in markets or from private individuals will not come with an export licence, whereas official tourist shops usually take responsibility for certification. The main shopping streets are Rustaveli and Chavchavadze Avenue.

Shopping hours

Most shops are open Mon-Sat 1000-1800, some open on Sundays.

Nightlife in Georgia

Nightlife in the republic is to be found primarily in international hotels although there are some bars and restaurants in Tbilisi. The Georgian State Dancers are highly praised but only occasionally to be glimpsed in Tbilisi, being almost constantly on tour. The Rustaveli Georgian Drama Theatre also has a good reputation and is particularly renowned for its Shakespeare productions. The Georgian folk theatre Nabadi holds performances depicting the history of the country in modern and traditional forms.

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