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Georgia Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

Georgia has hot summers with mild winters, particularly in the southwest. Low temperatures are common in alpine areas. Heavist rainfall exists in the subtropical southwest. The best time to visit Georgia is in early-summer (May and June) and early-autumn (September), when temperatures are mild without the humidity and heat associated with July and August.


Georgia is a mountainous country bordered by the Russian Federation in the north, Turkey in the southeast, Armenia in the south, Azerbaijan in the east and by the Black Sea in the west, which forms a 330km-long (206 miles) coastline. It includes the two autonomous republics Abkhazia and Ajaria. The state is crossed by the ranges of the Greater Caucasus (highest peak: Mt Kazbek, 5,047m/16,554ft). Enclosed high valleys, wide basins, health spas with famous mineral waters, caves and waterfalls combine in this land of varied landscapes and striking beauty.

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