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Montenegro Visa and Passport Requirements

Passport required Return ticket required Visa Required
EU 1 No No
USA Yes No No
British Yes No No
Australian Yes No No
Canadian Yes No No


To enter Montenegro, a passport valid for the duration of stay is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above, except (1) EU nationals holding a valid ID card who can stay up to 30 days.

Passport Note

Visitors not staying in a hotel or official tourist accommodation must register with the police within 24 hours of arrival.


Visas are not required by nationals referred to in the chart above for touristic stays in Montenegro of up to 90 days.

EU nationals entering with a national ID card may stay for up to 30 days, but can stay for 90 days if using a passport.

Nationals not referred to in the chart above are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements for Montenegro.

Types and Cost

Airport transit visa; transit visa; short-stay visa; long-stay visa. Check with the embassy for the latest fees.


Airport transit visa: valid for one or several airport transits within three months; transit visa: valid for one, two or exceptionally several overland transits for five days per journey within six months.

Short-stay visa: 90 days within six months; long-stay visa: over 90 days, but no more than six months in one year.

Application to

Consulate (or consular section at embassy). In countries where Montenegro has no diplomatic representation, visitors requiring a visa should apply to the Serbian Embassy.

Compulsary Registration

Foreigners in Montenegro must register with the police at their place of stay within 24 hours. Violations of this reporting obligation are occasionally punished. In such cases, there may be problems when you re-enter the country later. If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel will take care of the registration.

Extension of stay

For stays of more than 90 days, you must apply for a temporary residence permit one week before the 90 days expire.

Our visa and passport information is updated regularly and is correct at the time of publishing,
We strongly recommend that you verify critical information unique to your trip with the relevant embassy before travel.

Embassies and tourist offices

Embassy of the Republic of Montenegro in the USA

Telephone: (202) 234 6108.
Address: , 1610 New Hampshire Ave NW , Washington, DC 20009,
Opening times:

Embassy of the Republic of Montenegro in the UK

Telephone: (020) 7727 6007.
Address: , 18 Callcott Street, London, W8 7SU,
Opening times:

British Embassy in Montenegro

Telephone: 020 618 010.
Address: , Ulcinjska 8, Gorica C, Podgorica, 81000,
Opening times:

Mon-Thu 0930-1700; Fri 0900-1330.

Consulate General of Montenegro in the USA

Telephone: (212) 661 5400.
Address: , 801 Second Avenue, 7 th Floor, New York, NY 10017,
Opening times:
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