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Madeira Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Madeira

In Funchal, there is a wide variety of shops selling everyday goods, as well as many souvenirs. Special purchases include Madeira folk art such as embroidery, tapestry and wickerwork. Madeira wine is a popular gift, but can be purchased duty free at the airport.

Shopping Note

Goods that cannot be produced on the island, e.g. many leather items, have to be imported, and will cost more.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0900-1300 and 1500-1900; Sat 0900-1300. Larger outlets and shops in principal tourist areas stay open through lunch, and often until 2200. Shopping centres are open 7/7, 1000-2200.

Nightlife in Madeira

Some hotels have excellent nightclubs with music for dancing and international cabaret entertainment. Folk entertainment is also included in the weekly programme of these hotels and, in most cases, non-residents are welcome.

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