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Things to see and do in San Marino

Attractions in San Marino

Admire the beauty of Basilica di San Marino

San Marino boasts many fine churches, not least the Basilica di San Marino. Its roots lie in a much older medieval church, but this one was built on the same site in the 19th century in neo-classical style, complete with impressive Corinthina columns. The church holds relics of Saint Marino himself, who is credited with founding the Republic of San Marino in the 4th century.

Delve into the past at the Museum of Emigration

Experience the trials of San Marino's many emigrants at the Museum of Emigration, an informative stroll through the history of moving populations through pictures, writing and various historical records. Hosted by the Santa Chiara Monastery, the museum's setting is also of great interest.

Enjoy art old and new at St Francis' Museum

Housed within a medieval cloister, St Francis' Museum has no shortage of religious paintings on display, while there's also a bit of secular art on display at the Contemporary and Modern Art Gallery. The latter is a modest but diverting collection of painting, photography and sculpture.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Visit the scented pine forests, fields and waterways of the territory – perfect for riding, fishing and walking. For more adrenaline-fuelled fun, the precipitous slopes surrounding the capital offer testing mountain bike trails. And the azure waters of the Adriatic coast are never far away.

Explore San Marino's ancient roots at the National Museum

Based in the historic Palazzo Pergami Belluzi, the Museo di Stato features archaeological finds from the Neolithic Age, artefacts from the Etruscans, Romans and Byzantines, as well as Renaissance paintings and relics of San Marino's own unique coinage. Interestingly, the museum has benefited from thousands of private donations from fans of the republic – including Italian politicians and intellectuals.

Explore the villages

Beyond the tourist-packed capital of San Marino, there are eight picturesque villages scattered around the countryside that are also worth visiting. You'll find old battlements and religious sites including the church and convent at Valdragone, the fort at Pennarossa, Malatests Castle at Serravalle, and the stamp and coin museum at Borgo Maggiore.

Storm the fortresses of San Marino

The tiny independent state of San Marino has no less than three fortresses, including 11th-century Guaita, the 14th-century Montale and Cesta – a 13th-century edifice emerging from the ancient rock at the very highest point of Mount Titano. Each tower occupies one of San Marino's three peaks.

Wander the medieval centre

Explore the perfectly preserved medieval centre with its narrow, winding streets, churches and ancient houses. Cars are banned in this area, making a stroll around the city's ramparts a peaceful and atmospheric way of absorbing the spirit of the ancient city-state.

Watch the changing of the guard at Palazzo Pubblico

The stocky, neo-gothic Palazzo Pubblico (Government Palace) is worth a look, with its ramparts, clock tower and archways, and don't miss the changing of the guard at 0830 or 1830. For some background, head to the national museum, with its collection of archaeological finds and works of art.

Watch the sailing regatta

One of the most important dates in the calendar here is that of the 24 Ore di San Marino, the country's main sailing regatta, which is held in July and is a grand showcase of speedy vessels. There's also the Gran Premio Formula 3000, one of several annual motor racing events.

Tourist offices

Ufficio di Stato per il Turismo (State Tourist Office)

Address: Palazzo del Turismo, Contrada Omagnano 20, 47890
Telephone: (0549) 882 914.
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