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Serbia Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Serbia

Shopping isn’t Serbia’s strong point but there are still gems and bargains to be found. Western brands are thin on the ground (the likes of H&M having just opened in Belgrade) but most urban centres have a smattering of malls housing a variety of brands. For those looking for something different, Belgrade has plenty of independent boutiques where you’ll find the best of Serbia's designers stocked.

Concept stores like Supermarket ( and Mikser House ( are great places to pick up interesting design and interiors pieces, as well as fashion, whilst independents like L’Atelier ( stock chic high-end pieces from both international and domestic labels. More designer clothing shops can be found along the pedestrianised street of Knez Mikhailova. A couple of regular flea markets are held within the city but the quality of product isn’t particularly high. It’s fine to haggle if buying in bulk.

For special purchases, look out for markets or street stalls selling embroidery, lace, leatherwork, knitwear, metalwork and Turkish coffee sets.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1200 and 1500-2000, Sat 0800-1500 (many shops are open all day Sat). Supermarkets and grocery stores keep longer hours. Many shops on Belgrade's Knez Mihailova stay open until late in the evening.

Nightlife in Serbia

Cinemas stay open until 2300, restaurants until midnight and nightclubs until 0300 or later. Belgrade has excellent nightlife with a range of performance arts to enjoy: operas, concerts, theatre, many late-night cafés and clubs. Many splavovi (rafts) on the Danube and Sava rivers in Belgrade also serve as floating restaurants and nightclubs.

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