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Tenerife Events

Romeria De San Marcos

This festival, held in charming Tegueste, is a colourful harvest festival in celebration of the town's patron saint. Thousands of revellers dress in traditional costumes to honour St. Mark the Evangelist, while colourful floats are paraded down the village streets, drawn by oxen. Participants liberally dispense potatoes, hard boiled eggs, barbecued meat and wine to onlookers.

Date: 2015-04-26

Tenerife Carnival

Tenerife's biggest fiesta, the annual Santa Cruz Carnival sees colourful parades and thousands of revellers taking to the streets to dance until dawn. Featuring a cremation service for a giant sardine, men in drag, and costumes so heavy they're mounted on wheels, this politically incorrect festival sees hedonistic mayhem every night for a week. A slightly more intimate but equally surreal carnival takes place in Puerto de la Cruz at the same time, while smaller events run in towns across the north.

Date (which is to be confirmed): 2017-02-15
Venue: Santa Cruz

Feast of Corpus Christi

During this vibrant festival, the streets of La Orotava are decorated in colourful carpets made from flower petals and volcanic sands. The centrepiece of the work is an 800sqm (8,611sqft) tapestry, which covers the plaza in front of La Orotava's town hall and is made out of multi-coloured sand from Teide National Park. The whole day has a carnival atmosphere and in the evening, the Corpus Christi procession walks over the carpets and destroys them.

Date: 2017-05-31
Venue: La Orotava

Perseid Meteor Shower

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is a beautiful natural spectacle where shooting stars zip through the sky. Mount Teide, where there is minimal light pollution, makes for a great viewing point to witness this phenomenon.

Date (which is to be confirmed): 2017-08-10
Venue: Teide National Park

Fiesta de Los Corazones de Tejina (Hearts of Tejina)

This fiesta is one of Tenerife's quirkiest. Residents of three streets in Tejina compete to create the most spectacular hearts and then taunt each other's results. The hearts are constructed on beech frames and consist of fruits and flowers adorned with three dimensional pastry tarts depicting local crafts such as carpentry. The hearts weight almost 800kg and are raised outside the church amidst song, dance, poetry and much carousing.

Date (which is to be confirmed): 2017-08-26
Venue: La Laguna

Festival Of San Andres

On the eve of San Andres, the first wines of the new season are ready and the harbour of Puerto de la Cruz holds a wine and food fair to celebrate. Producers from local vineyards open their wines for trying and buying, while food kiosks provide roasted chestnuts and barbecued pork kebabs (pinchos). In Icod de Los Vinos teenagers careen down the steep streets on greased boards at breakneck speed to emulate the sound of the wine barrels being rolled to the sea to be washed.

Date: 2017-11-29
Venue: Puerto de la Cruz

Fiesta de Los Reyes (Epiphany)

The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated across Spain and other Latino countries. It is the day the Three Kings brought their gifts to the baby Jesus, and it's also the day Spanish youngsters get their Christmas presents. On Tenerife the Kings (Los Reyes) arrive in towns and cities on the evening of January 5 – some on camels, some in boats and some by helicopter – and the following day they parade through the streets showering crowds with candy. The best parades are in La Orotava, Garachico and Puerto de la Cruz.

Date (which is to be confirmed): 2018-01-05

Fiesta de San Juan (Midsummer's Eve)

The celebration of the summer solstice has been taking place since before the Spanish conquest. This time of magic, change and rebirth is celebrated heartily in towns across the north; bonfires are lit on the night of June 23 before residents head to the beach for a midnight dip. The biggest party is in Puerto de la Cruz, where thousands take to Playa Jardín to light bonfires, picnic and party to live music until the early hours.

Date: 2018-06-24

Fiesta de San Juan (Midsummer's Day)

Following the bonfires and parties of the night before, at first light local goatherds take their flock to the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz to bathe them in the sea – the water at San Juan is believed to ensure the animals' health and improve milk yields. Witnessing this bathing ritual – watching thousands of goats being carried, kicking and screaming to the sea – is one of the oddest spectacles in the fiesta calendar.

Date: 2018-06-25
Venue: Harbour, Puerto de la Cruz