Where to stay in Iran


There are hotels in almost all towns, including several 5-star ones in Tehran. Student and budget accommodation is available in small hotels, and many cheap hotels run on a model similar to hostels. Villas are also popular. Iranians often invite travellers into their homes, so staying in the homes of local people, although far from typical, is not uncommon. For more information contact the Iranian Society of Travel Agents.


Camping in Iran is relatively new, though many cities, including Tehran, Esfahan and other towns in the Caspian region, have stretches of land with collective tents where campers can stay. Campers should avoid pitching their tents in the middle of nowhere, as this will attract attention and curiosity from Iranians. They should ask for permission to camp near a hotel, a petrol station or a local police headquarters. Registration with the police is required if camping.

Other accomodation

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