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Getting Around Kuwait



Side of the road


Road Quality

Kuwait has a good road network, but driving standards are poor and constant vigilance is essential.

Car Hire

Self-drive is available. An International Driving Permit, or licence and resident permit from another Gulf country, is required.


These are recognisable by red licence plates and may be hired by the day, in which case you should agree fares beforehand. Share-taxis are also available. Hailing taxis from the road is not advisable, particularly for females. It is recommended that you book taxis in advance by phone from a reputable taxi company. A standard rate is applicable in most taxis, but those at hotel ranks are more expensive. Tipping is not expected.


Kuwait Public Transport Company (tel: +965 2232 8501; operates long-distance buses between Kuwait City and other destinations within Kuwait and the Gulf region.


Speed limits are 45kph (28mph) in residential areas, 60kph (37mph) on main roads in urban areas, 80-100kph (50-62mph) on ring roads, and 120kph (75mph) on expressways and outer roads. The minimum driving age is 18.

Breakdown services

Road traffic police (tel: 101).


International Driving Permit required. You have to arrange insurance with the Gulf Insurance Company or the Kuwait Insurance Company.


A new light rail system, using driverless trains, is expected to come into operation in 2020.


You can charter dhows and other small craft for trips to the offshore islands.

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