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Getting Around Palestinian National Authority



Travel within the West Bank is not possible without passing through multiple Israeli military checkpoints, which are flash points for violent incidents and have been the scene of several fatal attacks.

Side of the road


Car Hire

Most major car hire companies are located in Jerusalem. Local car hire agencies are available in major cities throughout Palestine. Fees are not cheap. Insurance is essential. A vehicle with a yellow number plate is recommended to those planning to drive to Jerusalem and Israel.


Shared taxis, often referred to as service or transit taxis, are cheaper and quicker than the local buses and go to many destinations. Normal taxis are rarely metered so it's wise to agree a price beforehand.


Palestinian vehicles (white and green number plates) are not permitted to enter Jerusalem and Israel without a special permit. Israeli vehicles (yellow number plate) can enter the West Bank but not the Gaza Strip.


Full driving licence and insurance are required. An International Driving Permit is recommended.

Urban travel

EGGED (tel: +972 3 694 8888: runs route 99, which takes in all the main tourist sites in Jerusalem.

Buses are the cheapest way to travel around urban areas, but private taxis are quicker and more reliable.


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