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Palestinian National Authority Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Palestinian National Authority

Colourful markets and meandering old streets make shopping a particularly agreeable pastime. Haggling is acceptable and especially enjoyable in the vibrant marketplaces. Special purchases include pottery decorated with geometric patterns, stained wine and champagne glasses, jewellery and oriental sweets. Cross-stitch embroidery is an ancient art and beautifully decorated clothes, cushions and cloths are very popular souvenirs. Religious ornaments crafted from local olive trees are also good buys.

Shopping hours

0800-1900 in winter, 0800-1700 in summer. Muslim-owned shops usually close on Fridays, Christian on Sundays. The official weekend is Friday.

Nightlife in Palestinian National Authority

Despite the troubles, the club scene in both Ramallah and Jerusalem is thriving. The nightclubs, with internationally renowned DJs and a global clientele, rival those of Europe. Ramallah is full of lively restaurants serving up international and traditional Palestinian cuisine. Unfortunately, due to the prevailing political climate, curfews are sporadically imposed which inevitably affect nightlife.

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