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Damascus Events

International Flower Show

Flower traders and enthusiasts gather every year for the capital's annual flower show.

Date: 01 April 2017 - 31 May 2017
(Date to be confirmed)
Venue: Teshreen Park.

Jazz Lives in Syria

Annual four-day Jazz festival featuring local and international talents.

Date: 08 July 2017 - 13 July 2017
(Date to be confirmed)
Venue: Damascus Citadel.

Eid al Adha

Also called the festival of sacrifice, the festival follows the annual Islamic pilgrimage and commemorates the trials of the Prophet Abraham. Please note that most venues do not serve alcohol the night before, and the first day of eid.

Date: 16 November 2017 - 16 November 2017
(Date to be confirmed)
Venue: Throughout Damascus