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Getting Around Syrian Arab Republic


SyrianAir flies to Aleppo, Deir ez Zor, Latakia, Palmyra and Qamishli.


There are 25,887km (16,086 miles) of roads. Traffic systems are poor and there are numerous accidents. Second-class roads are unreliable during the wet season. The principal route is Aleppo to Damascus and Dar'a (north-south axis).

Side of the road



Shared taxis are available to all parts of the country. Service taxis (old limousines) run on major routes and cost 50 to 70% more than Karnak buses.


International Driving Permit required. Green Cards are not yet accepted in the Syrian Arab Republic. Insurance is required by law and a customs certificate is needed. These are available from touring and automobile clubs.

Urban travel

Publicly-owned bus services operate in all major towns and cities. Most buses outside the capital, however, have no signs in a European script to indicate destination or stops, which can make travelling rather difficult. Taxis are widely available. Fares should be agreed in advance and according to the meter in the cities.


The railway extends 2,200km (1,364 miles). A service operates between Damascas-Aleppo-Deirez-Zar-Hassakeh-Kamechli. A second line runs between Aleppo-Latakia-Banias-Tartous-Homs-Damascas-Deraa. First-class carriages are air conditioned.

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