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Money and duty free for Syrian Arab Republic

Currency and Money

Currency information

Syrian Pound (SYP; symbol S£) = 100 piastres. Notes are in denominations of S£1,000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1. Coins are in denominations of S£25, 10, 5, 2 and 1.

Credit cards

American Express and Diners Club are most readily accepted; some hotels will accept MasterCard. Tickets may be bought with credit cards.

Travellers cheques

Can be difficult to exchange and are not generally recommended.

Banking hours

Normally Sat-Thurs 0800-1400 (banks tend to close early on Thursdays).

Currency restrictions

The export of local currency is limited to S£5,000 for residents of Syria and US$5,000 for foreigners. The amount of local currency imported is unlimited for residents of Syria and limited to US$5000 for foreigners.

Currency exchange

Syrian currency cannot generally be reconverted to hard currency. The country's banking system is state-owned, and there is at least one branch of the Commercial Bank of Syria in every main town. Hard currency can be exchanged for local currency in these branches.

Syrian Arab Republic duty free


The following items may be imported into the Syrian Arab Republic without incurring customs duty:

• 200 cigarettes or 50 cigarillos or 25 cigars or 250g of tobacco.
• 30ml of perfume.
• 570ml of spirits.
• 500ml of lotion and 500ml of eau de cologne.
• Gifts worth up to S£250.

Banned Imports

Firearms and ammunition, and live, frozen or stuffed birds, or any bird-derived products.

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