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Syrian Arab Republic Weather, climate and geography

Weather and climate

Best time to visit

The Syrian Arab Republic's climate is characterised by hot, dry summers and fairly cold winters. Nights are often cool.

Required clothing

Lightweights are essential in summer with protective headwear. Heavy winter clothing is advisable from November to March.


The country can be divided geographically into four main areas: the fertile plain in the northeast, the plateau, coastal and mountain areas in the west, the central plains, and the desert and steppe region in the central and southeastern areas. The Euphrates flows from Turkey in the north, through the Syrian Arab Republic, down to Iraq in the southeast. It is the longest river in the Syrian Arab Republic, the total length being 2,330km (1,450 miles), of which 600km (370 miles) pass through the Syrian Arab Republic. The Khabur River supports the al-Khabur Basin in the northeast.

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