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Where to stay in British Columbia


Accommodation ranges from top-class hotels in cities and resort areas and motels beside highways to simple cabins high up in the mountains. Cottages and cabins are widely available. Ranch holidays are popular in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast tourism region of central British Columbia. Tourism British Columbia has an annual guide listing all the agencies providing accommodation in the province. Tourism BC oversees standards and approved hotels display a white 'Approved Accommodation' sign to indicate that Tourism BC's standards of courtesy, comfort and cleanliness have been met.


There are thousands of campsites situated in countless parks and recreation areas. Many campsites do not have power supply link-ups for caravans. Several parks are designated as 'Nature Conservancy Areas', where motor vehicles are banned. The type of parkland available varies from sandy beaches with vehicle access, to lakes and glaciers reached only by aircraft or boat. Most provincial park campsites have a time limit of 14 days and reservations are recommended. A number of companies can arrange motorhome rentals (known as recreational vehicles, or RVs in Canada), with a range of fully equipped vehicles.

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