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Where to stay in Newfoundland And Labrador


There are around 550 establishments in the province with a total of about 7,300 rooms. Many towns offer hotel or bed & breakfast accommodation, although this is often seasonal (late May through mid September). Most of the settlements in the province are on the coast rather than the wild interior (where some cabins and lodges are, however, available). As St John's is now an 'oil boom town', accommodation there can be hard to come by, and advance reservations are recommended. For information on hotels and bed & breakfast accommodation, contact the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (

Grading: The national Canada Select programme operates in Newfoundland and Labrador Island, rating accommodation from 1 to 5 stars on a voluntary basis.


The wildness of the province offers superb camping facilities, both for motorhomes (called recreational vehicles, or RVs, in Canada) and tents. All four national parks (Gros Morne in western Newfoundland, Terra Nova in eastern Newfoundland, Mealy Mountains and Torngat Mountains in Labrador), as well as 14 provincial parks and dozens of private campgrounds, provide camping sites. Facilities on campsites are basic rather than luxurious, the emphasis being on seclusion and privacy. You can obtain full details from the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (

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