Where to stay in Alaska


Alaska hotels cover everything from chain hotels such as Best Western and Westmark Hotels to independently-run properties. Hotel prices are highest in the summer, when reservations are recommended. Cheap hotels are found outside this peak travel period. If you prefer bed and breakfast options, hstoric homes and mountaintop cottages are among the options available in Alaska.


Alaska's state and national parks and forests are prime camping grounds, offering the chance to get close to nature. Book in advance, particularly in the summer. Facilities tend to include toilets and sometimes showers. The better ones enable you to hire kayaks, mountain bikes or canoes.

Adventure companies offering guided hiking and camping tours include Alaska Outdoors (+1 800 320 2494; www.travelalaskaoutdoors.com) and Get Up & Go! (tel: +1 888 868 4147; www.getupandgotours.com).

Other accomodation

Bestowed with such beautiful scenery, it's no wonder that Alaska's lodge accommodation is jaw-dropping. Often isolated, luxurious and idyllic retreats located close to pristine scenery and wildlife viewing spots, these wilderness lodges offer a wealth of activity and adventure options from fishing to hiking, whale watching and kayaking.

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