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Dive to the lost city of Atlantis (almost)

Located off the coast of Key Biscayne, Neptune Memorial Reef (tel: +1 877 370 7333; is the largest man-made reef in the world. Below the surface are stone roads, columns and decorative lions. Visitors can take a boat or dive to see the statues at this underwater mausoleum.

Stroll the South Beach promenade as the sun sets

Warm evenings make for ideal walks along Miami's most iconic promenade. Lit in electric pink and neon blue, the area's art deco decadence never looks grander as when the sun has set. Evening tours leave from the Welcome Centre (tel: +1 305 672 2014; once a week.

Take a cooling dip in a Venetian Pool

For a picturesque swim, head to Miami's prettiest suburb Coral Gables. Built in the 1920s, the area was designed as part of the City Beautiful architectural movement. Among the tree-canopies and grand buildings is Venetian Pool (tel: +1 305 460 5306), a Mediterranean-style building surrounded by paradisiacal waterfalls and refreshing spring water pool.

Take a peek at some adult art

For adults hoping that some of Miami's neon signs lead to something a little sordid, seek out the World Erotic Art Museum (tel: +1 305 532 9336; Boasting the globe's most diverse collection of all things explicit, the museum is both eye opening and educational. However, family friendly it is not.

Walk the Wynwood Walls and beyond

Once Miami's warehouse district, the large windowless buildings of Wynwood (tel: +1 305 531 4411; are now brick canvases revitalised by bright graffiti. Aside from the six main warehouses, the area brims with nearly 70 galleries and museums with walking tours available to guide visitors through the ever-changing landscape.

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