Louisiana Food and Drink

New Orleans is justly renowned for its superb gourmet restaurants, which offer Creole specialities (a blend of French, Spanish and African tomato-based cuisines). One can savour a breakfast of beignets and café au lait, dine while overlooking the city or the riverfront, or travel to the seafood houses out by the lake. Southern Cookin', found in the Crossroads region in northern Louisiana, is savoured for its delicious fried chicken, barbecued meat, cornbread and peach pie.


• Creole/Cajun cooking.
• Seafood: fresh fish, shrimp, crabs, oysters and crayfish.
Gumbo (spicy shellfish stew or soup served with rice).
• Crayfish étouffé (spicy tomato-based roux with vegetables, crayfish and shrimp).
Jambalaya (spicy Creole mix of meat, vegetables, seafood and rice).
Po' boy (submarine sandwich usually filled with fried seafood).

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