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Victoria Food and Drink

Melbourne has a nationwide reputation for its food scene. There is an enormous variety of cuisine available, and restaurants offering specific types can be found in different areas of the city: Lygon Street for Italian, Little Bourke Street for Chinese, Lonsdale Street for Greek, Victoria Street for Vietnamese, Sydney Road for Turkish and Johnston Street for Spanish. Other cuisines that are well represented in the city's restaurants include French, American, Mexican, Lebanese, African, Malaysian, Afghan, Swiss and Mongolian.


• Fish is excellent, particularly the signature Murray cod. Also try trout, flathead and yellow perch.
• Meats such as beef, lamb and kangaroo.
• Cheeses, such as the creamy sheep's milk cheese from Highland Farm.

Regional drinks

Yarra Valley wine is popular, from a crisp Sauvignon blanc to sturdy Cabernet Sauvignon.
Microbreweries have mushroomed: Mountain Goat, Grand Ridge Brewery and Holgate are all good.

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