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Cook Islands Food and Drink

There are restaurants in hotels, and a variety of independent eating places as well, as a result of the increasing tourist trade. Local produce includes a wide variety of citrus and tropical fruits, island chestnuts and garden vegetables. Seafood features on many restaurant menus and so does coconut as the coconut palms produce an abundant supply of fruit all year round. Local meat and poultry are available.


  • Umukai (at larger resorts you can try this traditional Polynesian feast which involves baking food in an underground oven, and is usually accompanied with traditional entertainment by local people)
  • Matu rori (sea cucumber, served with lemon and cooked green banana). This dish is often likened to spaghetti from the sea..
National drinks:
  • Tumunu (traditionally brewed alcohol made from fermented oranges).


    Tradition says that all gifts require something in return and tipping is therefore not practised.

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